What should I do with bent circuits on the motherboard?

Hello. I am trying to do some of my first repairs on a broken LG K30 that I bought on eBay, replacing the bad display. I am currently waiting for the replacement to arrive, but once I opened it, I think I have encountered another problem, which may or may not have been made worse by my hours-long attempts to get the battery out of the adhesive.

As the photos show (hopefully the resolution isn't too poor, my other phone's 13mp camera is the best one that I have) several circuits on the board have been bent to various degrees. While

Block Image

Block Image

I am not an expert in electronics, this didn't look good to me, so I decided to take pictures and ask for advice from more experienced fixers. How bad is it truly, and is it possible to do something about it? Or maybe I should leave it as it is? I am worried about botching my first repair after all the problems with getting the adhesive off and accidentally moving the spudger to the wrong places on several occasion…

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