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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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Add WWAN Card and Antennae

I have recently purchased a Lenovo T490 second hand. The machine is amazing, but one of the reasons I was drawn to this machine was that some models have cellular connectivity. After looking into my machine there is no WWAN card or antennas on board. The MB has a sim slot, but again there is no WWAN card or antennas in the machine, but there is a slot for a WWAN card. I saw on your website where you have a video on how to replace WWAN antennas in a Lenovo T470, but I didn’t see anything on the T490. I know this will be pretty involved and was hoping you all had a how-to on adding a WWAN card, but more importantly how to install and route the newly purchased antennas. Thanks

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You haven’t stated exactly which model of T490 you have. If you go to the Lenovo website and enter your serial number, or let it detect it, you should get more details.

Lenovo page for T490:

Here is the Hardware Manual:

Nano SIM on page 68

Here is how to install or replace Nano SIM card:

On this site it seems to imply that the WLAN & WWAN antenna is the same:

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Hi @aactech ,

It's interesting that the parts list (click on Select Commodity > Antenna (9) shows different part numbers for the WWAN MiMo antennae and the WWAN/WLAN antenna.

A lot of the main GSM frequencies are below the 2.4GHz WiFi band e.g. 0.85/0.9GHz, 1.8/1.9Ghz (and definitely lower than the 5GHz WiFi band) but maybe the WWAN Mimo antenna covers them as well, idk.


Hi @jayeff ,

Interesting. I haven't dealt with "phones" in other device for many years. I think Stephen Hawkings had one in his VOCA (Voice Output Communication Aid).


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Lenovo publishes their service manuals anyway, you just need to find the manuals and parts.

Not sure if this is your T490, but have a look to have some idea what they publish anyway.

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