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The Surface Laptop by Microsoft is the first full laptop in the Surface lineup. Released June 2017.

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Is there any way to get the data off the ssd when it won't boot?

My Surface laptop only flashes the Windows logo when it tries to boot. An external boot drive does not work so I assume it’s a hardware issue. Is there any way to get the data off the soldered ssd? I don’t care that the rest of the laptop will be destroyed in the process. We would just like to get the data.

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Sorry I don’t see how, as you can see you would need to remove the SSD from the logic board (Yellow marked chip)

Block Image

Then you would need to find either a carrier for this chip which offers the needed I/O logic to let say a USB connection. Or you would need to get another exact same model to then carefully desolder that systems chip so you could put yours in its place. Either of these will be expensive and if you damage the chip or the alternate system that would be the end.

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