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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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What can be the real cause of fan noise?

The fan can not work at nominal RPMs and was making noise.
I have replaced the fan.

The RPM issue is resolved but the new fan still doing an annoying noise.

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Hello Selcuksancak

1- Carefully remove all dust on the fan blades .

2- Use a- contact cleaner spray- (greasy). Connect the spray guide channel and carefully spray a small amount on the fan motor shaft(Bearings). If the sound is removed, use a very small amount of lubricating oil rubbed on the tip of the screwdriver to do a thorough lubrication.

3-Make sure you replace the fan correctly

Update (09/05/2021)

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Hello Dan

Thanks for the answer.

Yes . Any oil collects dust. Light oils evaporate faster and have a shorter effect . The blades must be carefully cleaned after applying the oil .However, the new fan in such a quality computer should not make noise and the problem is probably the way to replace the fan - as you mentioned.

*The oilless bearings(Oilless Bearing | Always Self-lubricating ) themselves also contain solid oil, which friction causes them to heat up and the heat causes them to liquefy and then this liquid oil lubricates the shaft during operation, all of this happens in a closed chamber, so there should be no evaporation in the oil and dust absorption is also negligible. When the fan is turned off, this oil solidifies again and is placed in its porous carrier, as you mentioned above.

1-The laptop fan needs proper ventilation to function properly so that it can properly transfer hot air to the outside. If the ventilation ducts and air outlets are also blocked, the temperature of the device will increase and the fan speed will increase.

2-When we run multiple applications on a laptop at the same time, the CPU and memory of the device have to be more active. This causes the CPU temperature to rise, causing the fan speeds to increase significantly and their noise to increase. So if you have run several programs on the system, close it to reduce the CPU temperature.

3-It is a good idea to always use a Cool Pad for laptops .The place where the laptop is placed should not be fluffy. Even a cooling pad that is off under the laptop helps to transfer air better and Small compressed air sprays can also be used to remove dust.

4-Also make sure that you do not push it when closing the back of the laptop. Tighten the screws a little looser .

5-I noticed that there was a mistake in the sentence location in my first answer that was randomly generated and I deleted that part.

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When you where a kid did you ever clip a piece of cardboard to your bikes wheel frame so it would get hit by your wheels spokes?

Now lets look at your fan is there something wedged within the cowling or heatsink fin area that is being hit? I would look there.

The other factor is the balance of the fan maybe off. So it wobbles hitting the cowling. This is where dust buildup could be a factor.

Please use a small soft paint brush to scrub the surfaces and use can’ed air to blow the loosened material away.

Don’t use any oil or grease or contact cleaners! As all of them leave a film which over time will collect dust!

The fan has a sintered bronze bearing which shouldn’t need lubrication. If it does you need a watchmakers oiler to place a very small quantity of ultra light oil directly on the bearing.

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