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Um console de videogame para TV produzido pela Sony Computer Entertainment; o PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) é o modelo sucessor do PS4 original. Data de anúncio: 7 de setembro de 2016.

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PS4 slim motherboard replacement

Hello,. My PS4 slim was zapped through the Ethernet port during a lightning strike. The board was definitely cooked,. Lan port, lan filter was cooked, & I'm sure the southbridge was also. I have a slim model CUH-2215B with board number SAF-003 in it. I don't see the 22** models in the motherboard parts for sale, all I see is the 21** series. Will the 21** be compatible with the 22** models??? The motherboards all have the same #. SAF-003

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It was a long shot, but I had to ask. Thanks for the reply- I'm going to go ahead and try to find the same model and board type as the original. Trying to find a good site to find a 22** series board the same as mine is hard to find that is in stock or for sale. There's a lot of the 21** out there on sites


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I have a feeling the boards wont be compatible. I have worked on both models of the consoles and from what I recall the 2100 models use an ADP-160ER power supply while the 2200 models use ADP-160FR and think they have different female connector pins on the motherboard for the PSUs. Also, the 2200 models have the Wi-Fi antenna removed from the PSU which I think still exists on the 2100 models thus different setup of components. Additionally, fan connectors and way they fit into the casing maybe different as well. I do not have any 2100 models with me at the moment or would have given the information through a swap.

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