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The Kindle 4 has 4 models released September 28,2011.

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Kindle not recognized by laptop

I have tried to connect my Kindle to different laptops, but none of them recognizeit - I also tried to restart it, but no difference in results

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Try using a different usb port if that dosnt work try connecting your kindle as a camera, if you cant find it on thee drop down list just go to settings and storage on your kindle and select it there and see if your laptop recognizes it. some other things you can do is to use calibre to try connecting the kindle to your laptop, you can install a kindle driver if you dont already have one, or you could uninstall and reinstall usb controllers by going to device manager>universal serial bus>right click the device and hit uninstall device then reinstall it.

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I have tried what you suggested, but there is still no difference:

1. I can’t find the kindle in the first three drop-down lists (audio inputs and outputs, batteries, biometric devices).

2. I uninstall and install again the USB hub with its ports that I use for my laptop, as well as the individual ports - no change 3. no activity regarding the kindle device being connected on Calibre or Amazon kindle app

4. I can't find the storage section from the device’s settings. Maybe you can help me with this one (kindle 4, version 4.1.4 ) 5, For sure the cable is good as well I’ve used it before and worked perfectly, as well as it charges kindle without any problem

Thank you!


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