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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Android smartphone. Released in August of 2020.

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Re-sealing the back cover of the phone after opening

I bought a used Note 20 Ultra, and there are gaps in the side of the phone that indicate that the back is not on properly. I think it has to do with the adhesive; there is a bit of adhesive on the side. When I press down on the back of the phone the gaps close, but they open once I release it. Do you think applying something like an iOpener would melt the adhesive enough so that the phone will close and maintain its IP68 rating?

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Hi @momopoco ,

I doubt that you will be able to reseal it back to IP68 as well as the factory did but you can only try.

First check that the frame and back cover are not bent, preventing a perfect seal.

You may have to remove the back cover and remove the old adhesive and clean the surfaces of the frame and cover using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores) and then apply new pre cut (select option from tape size search box) TESA adhesive strips and reseal.

I suggest that you disconnect the battery from the systemboard (just disconnect it, do not remove the battery) whilst cleaning etc to avoid any possible electrical problems from occurring. Even IPA will conduct electricity when it is still wet, although it leaves no conductive residues after it has evaporated. There is always power present at some points on the systemboard even when the phone is off. The power button is not a power isolating button. Its function is to signal the intentions of the user to the OS e.g. turn on turn off etc. Think of the phone as being in an extremely low power state when off rather than being disconnected from any power source.

Mechanical problems e.g. tools slipping, physical damage etc are a different matter so be careful. Don’t forget to reconnect the battery before sealing the cover back on. ;-)

Here are some links that may help:

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Battery Replacement

Como usar um adesivo pré-cortado

Imagem de Tesa 61395 Tape


Tesa 61395 Tape


Imagem de Electronics Skills


Como usar um adesivo pré-cortado

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Imagem de Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Battery


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Battery Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:


2 - 3 hours

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@jayeff thanks for the explanation! The pre-cut adhesive is out of stock in Canada, is the 4mm roll ok? Also, will the iOpener damage the internal components?



I don't know the phone but 4mm sounds a bit too wide. 2mm night be more appropriate. Although if I'm wrong, if you get the 4mm you should be able to cut it to the necessary size using a sharp single edge safety razor blade (example only to show what I mean) and a straight ruler.

The battery removal guide I linked has links that explain how to use the iOpener. If you follow the iOpener Heating guide you should be OK.


Very helpful answer from @jayeff. Very thorough, thanks.


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