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The Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed by Apple and released on March 21, 2007

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Why is my Apple TV 1st gen can't sense a USB Drive?

Hey, I have a problem with my Apple TV. When I plug in my USB Drive to install OSMC it doesn’t start off of that it starts from the hard drive and boots into Apple TV OS v3. Is there any ideas how to fix this?

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Did you review the OSMC guide?

You may need to review how you formatted the USB drive so Linux is bootable. If you used a Mac you might not have it properly setup.

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Well the problem is when i try to charge my fan from my Apple TV (when it's turned on) it doesn't want to charge and doesn't give indication that it's charging. (And I've used a Windows 10 PC)


@T Chanel - Charge?? The Apple TV requires an external power unit plugged in and doesn't have a battery to run.

Do you mean the unit doesn't start up? Then you may have a have a power or system failure.


I wanted to charge a portable fan that has a little battery in it and it charges by micro usb. So that little fan didn't want to show any signs of life that it's charging but when i plugged it in my pc it immidietly started charging. So this tells me that that the apple tvs usb port is messed up. How could I fix that?


@T Chanel - USB ports have two circuits the power (2 wires) and the data two or six wires depending on the being USB 1.x/2.x Vs 3.x device. Your Apple TV is version 1.0 so you do need to take that into account and the offered power is a lot less than version 2.x and 3.x specs allow.

So you could be expecting something that's just not possible for your fan to properly charge and the USB thumb drive may not be compatible.

So lets assume none of that is the issue, then your logic board has a failure in either the power services or data lines. Also the power supply and its connection could be bad as well.


So if I would buy a USB 1.0 Thumb drive than mybe that could work?


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