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Phone shuts down after battery replacement

I just replaced the battery on my iPhone 8 with an ifixit battery. No issues during the install that I know of. The phone only appears to turn on when connected to power. If I remove it from the charger, it’ll stay on for a few minutes and then turn off and will only turn back on again if connected to power. The battery does appear to be charging though and has ample charge to power the phone. Anyone have any ideas? Bad battery?

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hello Richard,

the problem you describe looks typical with the battery measurement circuit (vbat_sens line). Write about the circumstances in which you damaged the original battery - this will tell us a lot. Meanwhile: the model 8 battery chip has five technical lines: positive, ground, two communication signals to the SMC, and a measurement signal (the aforementioned vbat_sens - part of a gass_guage system, localized on mother board). Its absence or incorrect values causes the device to restart. Here we have at least two solutions again: (1) the new battery is damaged or you have damaged the flexible connecting tape while wrapping the connector section when plugging or (2) - when disconnecting the original battery or connecting a new one, you damaged the electronics located near the battery port on the motherboard (by the way - by what did you take out the connector of the original battery?)

I'm afraid that the help of a service technician will be needed - find a good repair shop and tell about the incident.

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Thank you for the response! The old battery was just old and wasn’t holding a charge well, which was the reason for the replacement. I unfortunately discarded it after replacement. I had used the spudger tool that ifixit provides with their kit to remove the battery connector. It disconnected easily and the new one connected easily once installed. I guess anything is possible as far as damage caused. The problem actually ceased after a few hours and was working fine until today when it started to spontaneously shut down again. Additionally, the new battery seems to perform as poorly as the original one did as far as holding a charge goes. It’ll take a charge just fine, but loses energy quickly and tends to get warm to hot during regular usage. I also replaced the battery on another phone a day later and have had no issues.

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this suggests only one answer: you have a short to ground - somewhere. It could be an accessory problem or motherboard damage (all indications of it). Sometimes small elements get damaged for quite mundane reasons (mainly physical). You need to find it quickly. If you are not a fan of microelectronics, find a good repair shop - with no service equipment you can't handle it.


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