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Face iD Not working due to proximity sensor failure.

I have a iPhone X on which I performed a screen repair, Iam a regular worker and know my stuff. I performed all the steps which are necessary to retain the face id and I succeeded too but only temporarily. After a month or two my face id stopped working, my phone's proximity sensor doesn't works due to which true tone has also vanished. Portrait mode does not works either. Can anyone help me out on how to restore proximity sensor? I know for sure if i get it up and running again then face id will work like a charm. Any suggestions, ideas, help will be appreciated.Thanks

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hello ashhad,

I wrote to someone about such a problem a moment ago - it still happens. Make sure that the proximity sensor is not working: call your inbox and cover the mesh of the speaker with your finger during the call. If the screen turns off - the sensor is working. Additionally, make sure that the light sensor is working - put a working phone under a strong light bulb - if the screen brightens by itself, the sensor is working. If any of these tests fail, write - I'll tell you what to do next.

In general, you will need to test voltages and resistance check the entire tape of the talk speaker along with the sensor bank and the "Flood Illuminator" sensor.

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Your Earspeaker flex might be torn or broken ribbon. So transfer the parts like proximity sensor and flood illuminator from old to new flex.

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This requires some pro level skills and equipment both of which I don't have......


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