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A 4 Amp corded power drill released in June 2014 by Black and Decker. The corded device is a part of the Matrix Quick Connect System which enables various attachments.

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I have the Black and Decker Matrix BDEDMT type 1 quick connect 4 amp drill with all the attachments…and I love itit..sadly enough the RECIPROCATING SAW ATTATCHMENT does not reciprocate any longer. Unsuspected the gear assembly was at fault and sure nuff …metal shavings was so thick on the inside it looked like issue is that I can not locate either the proper part number for the gear assembly or for that matter just simply locate a parts list for that attachment…all's I wanna do is purchase the gears n carry on. thanks in advance…my demo blade is getting dusty!

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Try buying a used or broken reciprocating saw attachment and strip it for parts. You may get one that works.

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