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How to fix BlackBerry "JVM Error 102"

I have a BlackBerry 8330 that shows “JVM Error 102” and it says reset under that. The phone worked perfectly last time it was shut off (less than 2 years ago). How to fix this so I can boot up into the OS again? I know its an old phone I need it on for Data I have on it from years ago. Any ideas?

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@carsman248 commonly cause by a corrupted .cod file. Follow the instructions as given in the Answer on here Why my phone "jum error 102"?

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@oldturkey03 the link on that page doesn't work. Where else can I find the JL_Cmder software?


@oldturkey03 the software doesn't do anything. I press to install and nothing opens. Does it only work on old systems or something?


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