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Where to buy large microfiber cloth?

I’ve been watching Hugh Jeffries on YouTube for a while.

I noticed he’s been using a large micro-fiber cloth before and I tried to order some for my own computer repair company, but the ones I received where tiny.

Does anyone has a link for a large microfiber cloth on eBay or Amazon In the U.K.?


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Hello Sven Alleblas! Microfiber cloths come in many different sizes, and some are intended for different use cases. For a standard microfiber cloth you can buy on Amazon, these are a great choice:

I personally use these cloths when I clean all of my electronics, and they do wonders for cleaning up dirty screens, cases, and keyboards. Dust clings to them well, and you can use them with isopropyl alcohol without worrying about ruining the cloths. If you are looking for something a bit more heavy duty, these might be a great alternative:

These microfiber cloths are a tad larger, and are much thicker than the previous cloths. If you are looking for a microfiber cloth that is intended for use when cleaning screens, these would be a great option:

I hope I have been able to answer your question. Happy fixing!

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Who's Steven? :P

Thx for the links! Gonna buy me some next week!


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