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Over-ear headphones designed for gaming, generally tuned to enhance spatial awareness and built with a microphone to allow communication with other players.

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Audio is echoey unless I hold 3.5mm jack, is there a way to reset the

I have this Logitech G633 headset, and would fall asleep with it, so the headphone cord would get jostled around and accidently get yanked out, is there a way to reset the 3.5mm port, so the audio isn't echoey? If I put the audio balance to left out right, I still have audio out of both ears, though quiet, until I hold the jack, then I only hear out of one ear

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I believe it's the headset port, because I've tried a controller that's connected to the headset and it's fine, and I've tried a different cord. So is there a way to fix the Headphone port?


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Based off of the information that you have provided above, it would appear that either your headphone plug is now damaged, or the headphone port on your phone is now damaged. It is most likely only the headphone cable or plug that is damaged. There is no way to “reset” the 3.5mm audio jack port on your phone.

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