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Background information about the device "Logitech G602" (wireless gaming mouse).

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mouse is not turning on at all but the red sensor is kinda on

mouse is not turning on AT ALL ( no lights or life in it , not showing on computer ) EXCEPT for the red sensor on the bottom is on with a very VERY dim light and it responds to the movement ( gets a bit brighter when scrolled over by my finger ), and stays on even when the mouse is switched OFF!!

i have tried everything and replaced the battery 100 times but no use, please help

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All wireless mouse issues can be addressed with one or other of some most common fixes.

If the mouse looks fine, reboot your computer to see if it recovers the mouse and begins working properly again.

If it no working. Check that the USB dongle is in place and hasn’t been moved or shifted out of position. Optionally, remove it, wait a few seconds and put it into a different USB port.

The best way to test that theory is to use a different computer, try the mouse somewhere else. If it worked fine and suddenly stopped working and nothing else has fixed it, it could be a hardware issue.

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