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Um console de videogame para TV produzido pela Sony Computer Entertainment; o PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) é o modelo sucessor do PS4 original. Data de anúncio: 7 de setembro de 2016.

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PS4 disc drive won't read any discs. Help needed. (video within')

Hello guys,

A few days ago, I woke up to my PS4 refusing to read any discs. There is a clear audio clicking sort of sound when I insert discs.

I've taken the PS4 apart to check the drive. The cover plate mechanisms seem to be in working order, the rollers are clean and push down when a disc is inserted. Someone mentioned it could be the laser lens deck so I bought a replacement and after switching them out I still have the same issue so now I’m thinking it may not be a disc drive issue?

I would like to get some more opinions on the problem, so I'll leave a video below so you can see and hear the issue. Just need to know where to go from here.

Video example:

Any help would be appreciated.

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I had experienced the same issue with my drive (disc not spinning and clanking noise). However, this occurred to me due to a disc I did not properly insert into the drive using the manual screw (I kind of forgot I placed a disc in it until I turned it on to test new drive and saw it clanking). However, it may be different reason in your case. Try taking its top plate off and running the console like that to see if disc is spinning like shown in this vid (4:50 and onwards):

If it still doesn’t work then a software issue may cause it which this guide explains:

Hope it helps.

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Absolute legend. A database rebuild worked. I did one before replacing the laser and it failed so I sort of ignored the possibility it would work after replacing the laser.

Once I did the rebuild the drive worked like brand new. I wonder if the database also pairs new hardware also?


Your welcome bro. I am glad its working without any more pain. For the database pairing new hardware part, I guess it could do it in some instances. I learnt recently that the blue light of death is caused by a faulty component which is failing the system check done by the PS4 (had a faulty HDD). Replaced it and did a system reinstallation and during the installation it does that restart thing. I guess that's like a behind the scenes pairing mechanism.


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