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An eScooter manufactured in 2018 by the Hover-1 company.

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not showing anything on my display

It's not showing anything on my display.please sir as possible solve my problem because I'm waiting from 2month.

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@aactech can you help out on here?


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Hello Santosh,

What have you tried so far? Show this in a list so we can help you.

Do any lights come on? Is the charger working? Check with mutimeter. Have you looked for any loose connections? Etc.

Have you reviewed all the suggestion on IFIXIT so far?

X Hover-1 Folding E-Scooter

Here are somethings that may help:

Error codes:

  • Error E1 - Motor failure, motor needs to be replaced.
  • Error 2E - Accelerator failure, accelerator needs to be replaced.
  • Errors 3E - Motor blocking fault, release the accelerator.
  • Error E4/MOS - Mainboard MOS failure, replace mainboard.
  • Error E6 - Controller/instrument communication failure, the controller needs replacing.
  • Error E7 - Battery over-voltage protection, battery needs replacement.
  • Error E8 - Controller error, controller needs to be replaced.
  • Error E9 - Brake failure, brake needs to be replaced.

Have you been to these website?

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