Bought new iFixit battery-phone stays warm, drains fast.

I recently purchased a new battery for my iPone X. Every since I had it installed at a qualified shop because I had to have the screen replaced also, the phone stays warm when there’s no apps running, I can barely keep a charge for the entire day (usually having to plug it in early afternoon) since the battery drains fast, and I don’t always get a full charge when charging it wirelessly.

I’ve had this battery barely over a month and it’s been like this since day one. I’ve never felt my phone stay warm as if I were using the navigation features and no apps running. I’ve reset it and even put the phone in lower power mode. Makes no difference.

Using iOS 14.6

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The battery might not be the issue if they replaced your screen with an LCD instead of the OLED type. I would contact them and confirm they installed an OLED screen.


BestBuy is where I took it because they're authorized by Apple to repair the phone and I only wanted to take it to wither Apple or an Apple authorized repair place. Original parts for this phone were used for this repair. I had this very discussion with techs while I was there waiting for my phone in order to make sure they use parts Apple allows.


@tangierc You could contact ifixit support to see if they can exchange the battery.


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