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Repair guides and disassembly information for Asus Republic of Gamers laptops.

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My Asus G17 laptop (2021) won't turn on and no lights come on

So I recently purchased an ASUS G17 laptop, it has been working fine, updated everything Myasus and armoury crate showed, drivers, bios....

But, last night I left it downloading something, and I wake up to a dead laptop. It is off, won't turn on, I changed the charger from outlet and tried a different Asus 20V (same as the problem laptop) charger and it does not make a difference.

The charger from the problem laptop does charge alright another Asus laptop I have. So that is ruled out.

The model is: ASUS G17 - 2021 - 5900HX - RTX 3070 (G713QR-ES96)

Update: It was bought open box on newegg.

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Since it is a new laptop (2021 model) then it will be covered by either a manufacturer's warranty or under the Newegg returns policy.

Contact Newegg in the first instance and ask them.

Do not attempt to open the laptop as this will no doubt void any warranty or guarantee that may apply.

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Have you tried unplugging the battery and turning on the laptop via charger?

how about powering up from the battery without the charger?If the unit is 100% unresponsive (not turning on, no lights, fan spin etc)

Its highly likely that the on-board power supply on the motherboard fried.

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The battery is not removable, it is 100% unresponsive. There are no sounds, lights, nothing


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