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I turned it on I got the message "Not connected-No connections availab


My Hp Pavilion (with Windows 10) turned off all of a sudden by itself (probably because of high CPU temperature) and when I turned it on I got the message "Not connected-No connections available".

I don't think that the problem is due to the router or the drivers as the PC was working perfectly and then turned it oof by itself, as I said before.

What I tried so far:

I clicked the Reset Network option and restarted the PC but the problem still persists.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

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did you accidentally put it into airplane mode?


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What is the model number of the laptop?

Are you connecting via WiFi or Ethernet cable connection?

Have you checked the status of the WLAN or LAN adapter (depending on how you connect) in Device Manager?

To get to Device Manager in Win10, press the Win key + x key (both together) and then click on the Device Manager link.

When Device Manager opens scroll down to Network Adapters and click on the > symbol to the left of the category to expand the list.

Check what is shows for the Device Status. Right click on the wanted device entry and click on Properties > General tab and view what it says in the Device Status box.

Also if there is a red cross next to the entry, right click on the entry and select enable and then check if it now works.

If the is a yellow exclamation mark next to the entry then there is a driver problem. You need to be online to update/reinstall the drivers automatically using Windows. Alternatively go to the HP website support page for your model and download and manually install them yourself. You will need access to another device with internet access to do it this way.

Maybe try the following : this applies to both types of network adapters WLAN and LAN

Highlight the wanted adapter in Device Manager and then click on the Action tab at the top and click on Uninstall Device and follow the prompts. Restart the laptop in the normal manner and then let Windows “find” and reinstall the device. Then check its status in Device manager and if OK test if you can connect OK

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