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4 blinking red led after startup and clac sound

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Sony Kd-55x9305C (Eu model).

Suddenly, a morning my tv turn off and 4 red led was blinking.

Since, it appear everytime but when i plug in the AC it takes time to turn on and i can hear 3 clac and then the TV turn off.

Here is a Video :

Have you an idea ?

Thanks you


Update (06/12/2021)

I don’t find the LD board, which one is it ?

Block Image

Update (06/12/2021)

I found LD driver board to be that one


Block Image

I found this on a US website :

It said for 65 inch, mine is 55 inch but this is the same ref. That’s the only website with stock i found.

Should i try?

Thanks you :-)

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Hi @khatgs,

I don’t know the TV but looking at the LED diagnostic indicator chart (see image below) from the service manual a 4x LED blink problem is either in the LD board or in the screen panel itself.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi and thanks you,

So, i have to change LD board then? I was thinking of changing the relay or the entire power board because the TV is so slow to get the power and maybe there is not enough of it to start.

is it normal that the relay clac 3 times ?



Go through the service manual to find the board locations.

usually the layout is shown in service manuals.

The manual is a bit hard to use because you have change the page number at the bottom of each page to go to the next page or the page you want. To download it you have to sign up to the website.

I haven't checked through the manual but there may be schematics.

I'm not that good with plasma TV I'm more into LED TV but have found that having the service manual helps ;-)



Your link doesn't work I only get the home page of the website with an error message

If the replacement board has the same board number as your board (is it 15ST032M-A01?) it should work BUT I suggest that you contact the seller first and verify that it is also compatible with your model.



Maybe this one will work ?

How to be sure that this is the LD board and not the PSU ? I ask because if i order that one and if it doesn’t work i will have to pay twice the fees import (i live in EU) ?



You would need to test the voltages to see if they are OK on the power board and then on the LD board but without the schematics I don't know.


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