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Instant camera that uses Fujifilm Instax mini film to produce instant photos the size of a credit card. Originally developed as a Kickstarter project in 2014 by Lomography, there are also wide, automat and glass versions.

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Why won't the film eject?

Every time I take a picture, the flash goes if the setting is on, the clicking noise of capture happens, and I can hear the motor trying to push the film out, but it doesn’t. What could be causing this problem? What is broken? How do I fix it?

Lomography won’t repair this for me because my uncle bought it for me as a gift on Amazon

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Sometimes the film can get stuck/jammed up inside, the motor will turn and the pictures will take, but they won’t eject due to the polaroid film being crumbled/stuck. I recommend taking it apart, since the motor could start to overheat due to the grinding of it trying to push out the film. There aren’t too many repair guides out there regarding this issue hopefully you find this one helpful:

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There is a spring in the cover door witch should push film in the cartridge to the way out. sometime the spring stay stuck and the film is not well placed. You have to open the door in full dark, move a bit the spring and the film, close the door and shot one time with your hand front the lens to avoid light on your previous picture.

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