Samsung QLED QN55Q60RAF Power Cycling

Hello, I have a 2 year old Samsung QLED. It was functioning perfectly well until it suddenly shut off. Seconds later, it turned back on and remained on for about a minute. This first power cycle, I managed to return to the app I was using but it turned off again. It did turn back on, but this time, the time it remained on after the power cycle was only a few seconds. It repeated this over and over until I realized something was really wrong.

I tried a few clever tricks, like unplugging it, holding the power button, and then turning it back on, only to be met with a barrage of power cycles.

I hesitantly removed the back cover and began analysis on the mother board. Now, I’m a complete beginner at electronics but managed to decide that the capacitors are fine, and using a multimeter, figured out the diodes are fine too.

Without any clue what to do, I put the tv back together, plugging in a few wires I unplugged. I turned the tv on and realized I missed a few wires! Before I could fix my mistake, I heard audio coming from the TV and the LED had remained on for a prolonged period of time!

I plugged in the wires that I mistakenly forgot, 1 by 1, turning on the TV as I plugged them in to test and see if they led to the power cycle issue.

The last wire I plugged in was the big flat ribbon wire of the LED screen before any power cycling issues occurred.

This left me to conclude that these ribbon wires are to blame - somehow! Right? Now, I’m not sure what to do.

The TV is currently on, with a show running, audio playing, the LED is lit, but there is no video. All wires are plugged in except one of the ribbon wires.

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After further research, I’ve decided to replace the main board and hope for the best.


@gil martinez Did the new board fix the issue??? PLEASE TELL!!!



Replacing the board did not solve the problem.


Can you take a picture of the power supply bpard and upload it here? Adding images to an existing question


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