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Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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Black screen with only top bar working (time,battery%)

When i switched on my phone, the sceen went black but only the top line bar was on, the bit where it has the time/ battery%. I try to turn off/on. Didnt work. It only went back on by its self hours later. So now im scared to switch my phone off. This has happened 2 times now. Can i do anything to stop this from happening again?

Also when my phone was on, i did get a error message something about processor not responding. does this have something to do with it?

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put the phone in download mode and reinstall the firmware via odin. that will wipe the firmware and be factory reset. it that doesnt work your last chance would be to give it a bang on your hand a few times or the screen connector may have gotten loose.

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