What should the bluetooth antenna connector look like?

I disassembled my PS5 to apply a vinyl wrap on the piano black center section. It all went back together fine until I got to the white bluetooth antenna which refused to connect back to the main board. Could someone provide a detailed image of the antenna connector and board jack so I can see if something is out of round and pinched? Is there a diagram of how these fit together? Does the antenna connector fit inside the board jack or does it go around the outside? Which has the bigger diameter?

Update (05/27/2021)

After a lot of research, I have discovered that the BlueTooth antenna system and WiFi antenna system are both comprised of two cables each with a U.FL IPX/IPEX MHF4 connector on one end of each cable. This very fragile connectors have tendency to be misshapen at the center conductor connection if not placed exactly right into the socket on the board. Sony does not yet have replacement parts but they can be found on Amazon and manually soldered to the antenna plate.

To the folks at iFixit, please let us know when Sony has made these parts available. Thanks!

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Were you able to confirm if the Bluetooth connections were the FB & FW connections by any chance?


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