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Screen with strange display problem... What is the term for this?

In short, i have 2 of these monitors and both have gotten a strange defect that i do not know the name of. The screens are form 2013 and 2014. They uses different cables, DVI and Displayport. And “broke” at different times.

One of the screens have reduced sub pixel intensity on the green and blue subpixels on the right side of the monitor. The other one have a similar problem but only affecting the red subpixels.

To my question. What the name of this type of problem? I have tried searching, but without a proper term for the problem I’m unable to find any solutions to the problem. Have anyone else experienced a similar problem and found a solution?

Right broken side:

Block Image

Left unbroken side:

Block Image

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I believe the correct term for this would be display artifacting. That’s the closest thing to it.

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