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Cannot turn Mac air on after screen replacement

I replaced my cracked LCD but Mac Air is not responsive at all (no chimes, nothing) when I tried to turn on using the power button.

Tried SMC reset, take out battery, using only power adaptor, turn on using power pad, all not working. The power adaptor is showing a continuous green light, though battery is not fully charged. Whilst doing screen repair, battery was connected. Does this mean that logic board is spoilted?

I was new to repair and did not know. Any way to salvage this or anything else to try? Your kind advice is greatly appreciated.

Just to add that I did not open up my back cover for the replacement and the replacement was done without separating the front and back cover , so connections to logic board were not tampered with. Mac air was working before replacement.

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Sadly this does’t sound good ;-{

Did you review the iFixit guide here before starting? MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 Display Assembly Replacement

At this point you likely shorted across a few contacts when you disconnected/reconnected the display. You’ll need to find someone with deeper skills to try to get you going.

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