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Repair guides and support for the Bold line of BlackBerry smartphones first launched in 2008.

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Blackbeery Bold 9790 Camera Replacement

Hello Everyone!

Actually, I am seeing a very weird error in my Blackberry bold 9790 when I open my camera app “Could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera agian.“ I tried all solution at the software end, but it seems the issues is with hardware.

So, I want to replace the camera of my phone or disassemble to check issues.

So any guide, how I can disassemble the camera?

So any other solution for this?

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heres a YT teardown:

and a replacement camera:

good luck!

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Thanks for your help, actually, the guy didn't show how to disassemble the camera from the motherboard or that camera holder.

I want to remove the camera from that camera holder.

The replacement camera is out of a sock.


@Kunal Mishra from the looks of the pictures i can find its just held in with a clip. the only thing i can suggest is to use the videos to disassemble and then take a picture and post it here for more help.

it honestly looks like its just held on with a clip and theyre pins for the contact pads on the camera.


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