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The ipad doesnt turn on and gets hot, usb amp meter is showing .95amps


Ipad mini4 wi-fi, doesnt turn on , shows 0.95amps drawn gets hot, i removed the sheild and found the series of capacitors around a big chip shorted i guess its vcc line, i do not have enough knowledge about this board as i use phoneboard software and i do not have schematics of the board, i would like to know how do i get to the actual shorted capacitor, also i see with freeze spray that a coil and a diode near the chip is getting hot, i removed them both but the short remained, please help.

thank you !

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tracking down a short is either visually or by component removal. Sometimes, if you have a sensitive ohmmeter, you can track it down with that. But it must be able to read milliohms.

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Is there a way that I can inject some voltage to that line and look for a hot capacitor? I’m relatively new in this field , good with soldering but I suck at diagnostics, any help would be appreciated thank you for your prompt answer


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