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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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if I upgrade ram to 16gb (2x8) will it benefit me to upgrade storage?

looks very quick and easy to upgrade ram in 2012 mini. Already have a wonderful IFIXIT tool kit and feel ok about diving in.

My question is…. with a 1tb hdd that I use little of (I use external ssd for storage anyway) does anyone with any experience think it would be smart for me to dive deeper and update to ssd while I am tinkering? Please give me positives and negatives!

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Your system has two spaces RAM and Storage (HDD or SSD or both!)

Let’s think this like water! a cup and a jug. Clearly a cup is a lot easer to drink from then directly from the jug, and once you’ve used what you had in the cup or throw it away you can pour more water into your cup.

So if you need more water at one time than what the cup can hold you just can’t do it. But! If I get a bigger container like a mug! I can hold more water.

So what does this have to do with your system? Here the RAM is the Cup or larger Mug.

The water is your work piece you are working on which could be a large music piece for school, Video documentary you are composing for PBS NOVA or your vision of COVID like Peter Howson the artist And lastly, you are re-writing a major history reference book like the coming fourth edition of History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

So… Upgrading the RAM will allow you to have a bigger work piece or multiples active at the same time. For most web surfers and light users 8 GB is enough. But if any of the projects I listed are things you are doing then 16GB of RAM will be useful (there are lots of others too).

Some find 16GB is still not enough! I work on ultra large photo images and I have 128 GB of RAM in my Mac Pro but the CPU and I/O system it has is holding me back. But, thats another story!

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Hi Dan, Thanks for your answer. I have already ordered 16gb ram and plan to install it. It is slow to boot.

My question is, will the ram upgrade (in mac mini 2012) make things so much faster that I won't need to upgrade 1 hdd to ssd as I barely use the storage. (looks like a much more involved project)

PLAN IS: for now I am starting with the RAM.

Looks like dosdude1 has a patch to get mac mini to run 0S Sierra,

I am on the fence about getting a current 16" before they are all M1 (worried about compatibility - on all the various levels from file systems to OS to Windows, and afraid to add another unknown variable to the list!

? Feedback very welcome

too many choices - want to update as far as I can and let it ride for awhile, as I only have time to think this hard intermittently!

Tell me more about your mac book pro... Looks like from your other posts the 128GB is soldered.


What do you have now for a hard drive and how much free space does it have?

Given this new information I don't think your issue is RAM more likely a fragmented HDD which needs to be fixed or replacing/adding a SSD.

I have a 2013 Mac Pro (Trash Can) this is a very different system from your Mac Mini (I have one of them as well for my media server) with 2 x 2TB SSD's But my needs are different from yours.


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