iPhone 4 Dead After Screen Replacement(Turned on for 5 seconds)

I replaced a crack iphone 4 LCD the phone was working perfectly before the replacement.

I thought the repair was succesful, but little did i know 5 secs into the home screen. The phone turned off and never turned back on again.

Plugging it in does nothing(Pc and Wall)

Holding the power and home does nothing. Its completely dead. Im so mad. Pc does not read anything. DEAD!

I bought the Whole LCD Assembly from Hong Kong it was white GSM screen.

I am a technician and i am lost for words. Maybe the faulty defective screen fried something? Fuse, Ic?

I checked every connector and motherboard and find nothing unusual. It worked for 5 seconds after the repair and then its like the phone just zapped and fried.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!


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