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Why is there a loud screeching sound every time my BobSweep turns on?

Every time Bob turns on, he makes a loud screeching sound. I removed dustbin and brushes and the sound persists. I’ve already had the motor replaced through warranty. What am I missing?

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I believe my warranty is just about to run out. I have reached out to them but I have not received an answer yet. I did as suggested and looked at each individual part to see where the noise came from and it does in fact come from the main brush motor. It will need to be replaced out right. Thank you


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if its still under warranty, i would take advantage of that. did it screech before the motor replacement?

i would contact the company and tell them it makes this sound and see if they can fix it under warranty as well.

otherwise youll have to pinpoint the screeching yourself. IE looking at all the moving parts ( thats why its screeching, parts rubbing that shouldnt be)

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