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How can I fix Samsung a50s finance plus lock?

It come from abroad when reset it comes with finance plus lock

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I assume Finance Plus is either $XX.XX/month through the carrier, or you get the phone outright and pay the financing company. It may also be Samsung directly getting into the business as well.

If it’s through a carrier, then they usually rely on a SIM lock (aka subsidy lock to some) so it’s not likely through the carrier and they block the IMEI for bad debt, and refuse to unlock the phone - done deal. If it’s a 3rd party who doesn’t know your carrier, they usually ding your credit since the people who fail to pay for a financed phone usually fall back on their bill so the IMEI will probably get blocked anyway.

Finance Plus appears to be a Samsung program - not carrier based. Seeing as Samsung knows how they work best (especially device management!), it won’t be easy. For the sake of not being known for helping a deadbeat not pay their Finance Plus bill I’m not going to link a tutorial here, but more than likely if you search [Device model] Finance Plus removal, you may be able to do it.

WARNING: If they lock the management to the device IMEI/SN, then you’re SOL. If you financed it yourself, the best approach is to actually pay your bill or pay for it in one lump sum to remove it.

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