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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Best monitor to replace my 24" Apple LED Cinema Display?

Unfortunately, after 6 months of pampering my 2010 ACD 24” will no longer turn. What monitors today provide the equivalent picture quality as the Apple LED. The Apple replacements are way over my budget.

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@malary I think I may have a solution to your problem

But first in my region there are many monitors so I am not sure about the best one.

Well if you’re taking about the best one then people are into buying best but cheap things.

This link here can help:

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If you can pull it off, IPS Dell Ultrasharp series or HP Z workstation monitors (Note: HP really likes to use full size DP on the commercial systems and many reflect accordingly by not including HDMI, so come prepared with a DP>mDP adapter (TB2/mDP Mac) or DP>HDMI cable (rMBP). Some offer USB-C on the high end, but that doesn’t help you unless you own a newer 2016-present rMBP. The Ultrashrp IPS monitors - especially with factory calibration, tend to cost a bit more due to the use of LG or Samsung IPS panels. LG IPS color performance is top notch (and are priced accordingly!), whereas Samsung has so-so gradient quality on their 8-bit IPS displays - I believe the 10-bit ones use LG panels. Dell does have a better factory warranty on the Ultrasharp series too (3 years vs. 1 with most, and often a zero dead pixel warranty on high end ones). If you can afford it, the sticker shock is worth it. Similar rule with HP Z - top notch panel, but the sticker price reflects accordingly.

The Apple monitors look so good due to their use of LG IPS displays. Samsung no longer sells TFT panels and focuses on QLED, but should still offer IPS. However, when Samsung does IPS right it’s very good - it’s their 8-bit panels that have poor gradients.

If you can’t swallow the Ultrasharp or HP Z premium, look into the ASUS PROART series or even the professional BenQ monitors. None of the cheap options will come close to matching the color performance Apple is known for, so open your wallet and take some aspirin before you shop.

Unless you do not need IPS or dead accurate colors and can skimp a bit, you’re not buying your new monitor from Best Buy easily (or any retailer, for that matter)!

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