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Scientific Casio Calculator released August 2000. Identified by the model name FX-115MS

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Why won’t it use the battery?

I know the version I have (Casio fx-115 ES Plus 2nd Edition) is solar powered, but I thought that it could at least store power or use it’s battery when it’s not directly under a light source? As of now, it won’t turn on unless it’s directly under a light source…

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It is possible that this model doesn’t have a battery. Many calculators are 100% solar powered.

However, if this model does have a battery, the battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced. These batteries are usually not rechargeable even though there is a solar panel. Over time, the battery will die.

If there is a battery compartment or cover on the back, then it is simple to replace the batteries. Otherwise you may have to take the whole thing apart (assuming it has a battery in the first place).

Hope this helps.

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