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MacBook Pro 13'' Cant find battery, replacement doesnt work too

After not using the macbook for 6 months I opened it up and it didnt recognize the battery. I couldnt even put the symbol in the taskbar, it appears for a second but then dissapears. I tried to different replacement batteries but the system doesnt recognize them. All three batteries have been recognized by an other MBP. When I connect the the magsafe its light green and the statusbar at the side lights up BUT the third dot. I tried charging over hours but nothing happend only the third light is shining all the time. I tried the solution from this post -> '

Is there a way to see if the batterieport on the logicboard is working?

I tried SnowLeopard, El Capitan, HighSierra and even Catalina. Changed RAM to be sure that isnt the problem and tried another charger.

This is the screen off the menu

Block Image

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Sadly the logic board charging circuit is damaged. This will require someone with deeper skills and tools to fix. Where are you located maybe we can aim you to someone: Country and nearest city.

A common issue is the comparator logic gets damaged from a knockoff charger. So even if you get your system fixed you may still need to replace the MagSafe charger as well. Only use what Apple supplies as the ones which are for sale on Amazon and eBay are better than 90% knockoffs no matter what the seller tells you!

Here’s the correct charger for your system: Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro) Either get it directly from Apple’s online store or an Apple Store or authorized Apple reseller.

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Thank you very much Dan.

My biggest fear was a completly damaged Logicboard… So there is a chance of gettin it to work with an battery :)

I’m living in Dortmund, Germany.


@phony18 - The fact your system is working via the MagSafe is a good sign! Sorry I don't know of any one in Dortmund, Germany with the deeper skills. You want to find someone who knows Mac systems and has micro-soldering skills.


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