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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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My car comes up with Reduced exceleration on the dashboard

Car starts fine. Comes up on dash and the car won’t rev very high. The car is not missing or spluttering it runs fine

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Sounds like a form of limp mode. A car will put itself in “limp mode” if it thinks something has possibly harmed the car or continues to harm the car. I think with those I’ve seen it need a throttle body.

I would take it to your local automotive shop or parts stores like Autozone or O’Reilly’s and ask them to scan for codes for you. Most places will do it for free because they know they can get you to buy a part through them. Once you know the code, you can look up specifically what the code means and usually it has a repair that is tied to it, but you can also take that post back here as well and we can do some virtual diagnosing.

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