Top loader bottom of agitator has water in it

Have tested this with a load of wash and with nothing in the machine. Clothes stay soaked

After the spin cycle, the inner drum is empty of water but the bottom of the agitator has water in it.

I bypassed the magnetic switch and watched it agitate and spin. Both seem to work correctly. Can’t figure out why my clothes are still soaked and why the bottom of the agitator has water in it. This started happening only a few days ago.

I took it apart and there is nothing stuck between the inner and outer tubs. This was the problem the last time this happened. A sock was stuck between them.

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So in running some tests, if I take a sopping wet shirt and lay it down on the bottom of the inner drum below the agitator, then the spin cycle works and gets all the water out of the shirt. But anything piled up won't get spun out.

So my theory is that the agitator should spin with the inner tub during spin cycle, but I do not know if that is the true behavior of a top load washing machine. Been searching on the internet but finding that people are interchanging the agitator and inner tub when describing the problem.

So now, if the agitator should spin during spin cycle and doesn't but it agitates during wash cycle, then what could be wrong?


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