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Dual-band, 802.11ac, 13-antenna router launched by Google and TP-Link in September 2015.

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Looks like I fried my onhub router. Can you help?

So this evening, my favourite Onhub router of 2 years stopped working. Thinking it to be a problem of adapter , I looked for another adapter to try and in a haste I plugged in laptop’s adapter in the router . Heard the kink sound followed by burning smell , that was the moment I knew I have done a blunder.

(Later found that the MCB had dropped for those switches that’s why the onhub adapter didn’t work, laptop was kept in a different area , the switches for which weren’t connected to that particular MCB)

My question - Is it any way possible to get my onhub back to working again or should I just forget about it? Right now there is no light at all emanating from OnHub. (The original adapter is working fine as I have checked it by testing in other spare routers.)

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Hi @techbuffs ,

Seems like you burned out the power supply section of the motherboard in the router.

The router uses a 12V DC supply and no doubt the adapter that you plugged into it supplies 19-20V DC as this is the more usual voltage for laptops.

Open the router and inspect for any obviously damaged components. Hopefully there will be still enough information on them to know what their values are so that they can be replaced. The type of component is usually found by looking at the designation on the circuit board where they are mounted e.g. R=resistor, C=Capacitor, F=Fuse etc.

Here’s the ifixit OnHub Repair guides that will help to open the router etc.

If you’re not quite sure, then post some close up images of the damaged section of the board. Here’s how to do this on ifixit. Adding images to an existing question

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Thank you so much @jayeff for your response. Will sit this Sunday and follow the guide. I'm sure I would need your help once (and if) I manage to open the router.


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