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Transferring a GD3 EAC license from a dying machine?

Unfortunately my E6440 I use for CD ripping is having issues with the USB ports, and I have dealt with this before - it doesn’t stabilize and gets worse. I’ve already assessed the cost of replacing the motherboard and it does not make economic sense since even with Covid pricing, I can buy the whole computer without a hard drive for about as much or less depending on the GPU/IGP setup and CPU - less without RAM, but it’s still similar in cost. As it stands, the machine is a total loss. If I replaced the board with frame it’s $220 just to put the cost of repair into perspective.

However, that is the least of my concern - I can replace my Win10 license (and the hardware), but I have a GD3 EAC license (lifetime) and I set it up on the failing machine thinking I finally found one that doesn’t have USB port issues… sadly, it happened.

Is it possible to transfer the GD3 license? If so, how do I do it?

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Figured I'd try here and see if anyone has any info on the situation. It's only a $8 license, so it's not expensive to replace if it's locked to the laptop - especially since I'll need to reinstall Windows since my 10 license is locked to that board and it dies with that system. Hopefully they understand my side here, especially with the context of the age of the machine before it happened and how long I had it before the issue started. The BIOS says 2013 ownership, so it's been around for a few years before it happened.

I mean even then I'd need to reinstall Windows if I replaced the avoid licensing issues. Unfortunately the refurb boards tend to fail just as often as the older systems that are more impacted, so you want a new board which means you're buying a chassis and VGA board since they only really come in a assembly.


@mayer Just as an FYI for you I did eMail them (you get an eMail with the license you can contact them at) and it's tied to my GD3 account, so my machine can die and I'm okay. The dbpoweramp forum was no good for EAC.

I'm still going to remove the login info as a deauthorization step, but I'm at least safe on the license.


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