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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Water spilt in through fan last night

Hi water spilt through the fan last night, I have tryed the hairdryer trick for 20 minutes, it turned on for about 5 minutes then turned itself off and now it turns on for 1 second, is there anything else I can do ???

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Could you help me with another problem, I’ve forgotten the email address I set up for the Xbox account, I know the user name and the password for it but I just can’t remember the email address, where can I find this out now I can’t access the console to get it off there ??

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The best thing you can possibly do for something like this is to not touch it and let it dry. By turning it on too soon permanent damage may have been caused. Let it sit for 48 hours with the fan facing down so it can drain any water left.

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