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A soldagem é uma técnica de conexão de duas peças de metal por meio da fusão de um metal de adição entre ambas. Há muitos processos de soldagem, porém este artigo visa ensinar a você os métodos básicos da soldagem elétrica.

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Soldering with broken component lead flush with pcb.

I’m working on an A1283 Mac Mini logic board.. A connector broke off leaving a post/lead flush with the pcb. I’m unable to create a connection to it. Though everything else worked prior to my breaking that connector off, I can’t get it to run. This connection leads to the power button.

How do you solder to a post/lead that’s flush to the pcb surface ? The exposed area left is about the size of a pin head. In the following photo they are circled in black

Block Image

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Can you post a clear picture so we can see the area Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


last time there was a omment was that the picture was out of focus. I'll post again though. The area with the two posts I want to solder looks "bare" because I've tried to scrape down to the trace thew post should be held to. Also I can barely see the posts here with glasses and magnifying glass. The photo just can't display them well if at all.


@danj I had a thought that maybe rework with ot air gun might be my best bet.


@danj there you go...


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OK, this is the same system we had reviewed before! Soldering help, making a post

There is a point you just can’t fix things. Sadly, this is one of these cases.

Your only hope here is replacing the logic board.

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It must be all that beauty sleep since I thought you "got" me LOL.

I just read a review of that iPad repair class in New York I mentioned. The instructor had an iPhone that had been to 5 or 6 other shops. All said it was dead, period. By the end of the class the instructor diagnosed a bad resistor, replaced it and the phone was fine. So until a new unit or board is financially feasible, I'll consider it a "learning opportunity." Of course the next stimulus check will allow upgrading to a m1 mini and I'll forget this for a while. The positive isI can start using the reward gun I have since I know what it's used for.

I understand that this has reached the point of diminished returns for you and that's ok. We all have specialties and limits. I'm just hoping that one of the folks who wrote the soldering skill guide would chime in. There'll be other questions I have for you.


OK, lets get a second opinion, maybe they have an idea on how to get this going @jessabethany


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