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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Does A1405 battery fit the A1466 MacBook?

I recently ordered an A1466 battery but I got an A1405 battery sent to me instead. I’m not keen on getting an exchange and was wondering if the A1405 battery would fit in the A1466 MacBook Air.

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I have exactly the OP’s issue!

I have a mid-2013 13-inch MacBook Air 1.7GHz i7. On the underside of the case it’s called an A1466, but it looks as if Apple uses that number for many Airs. (Thanks, Apple!) I ordered a battery on eBay for an A1466 and a set of tools from Amazon from the replacement. The eBay seller’s pictures showed a battery model number A1405; when I got the case open I saw that the original battery ID was A1496. They appear to have specs that differ in charge capacity as well as voltage output: the A1405 is 7.3v and the A1496 is 7.6v.

I can confirm that the A1405 fits in the mid-2013 model. My question is whether it is okay to use it. At first glance it seems okay. The Air starts up and so far runs without problem. The lower charge capacity is unfortunate but not a big issue. It’s the voltage discrepancy that concerns me. Might that damage the Air? Are there other spec differences that might be problematic?


@dogen - The slight difference in voltage is not a concern.

I'm suspecting getting the better battery is getting hard right now due to COVID and people have extras of the older design. Technically, they should have told you they where substituting with a lesser battery.


Thank you for your reply, Dan!

Since the Air model number (A1466) and screen size (13 inch) match for both versions of the battery (A1405 and A1496), and since the connector on the logic board fits, it's my hope that the lower-voltage battery will do no harm. It's from a 2012 13-inch Air—also an A1466, which caused my confusion—but has only 14 battery cycles and 96% charge capacity, albeit on a lower mAh. Without the tools to open the case until the battery arrived I wasn't able to get the exact part number in the Air because it isn't shown in the system info window. (Thanks again, Apple.) However, FWIW, this site states that the 7.3v and 7.6v versions are compatible:


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Not sure why you got the older A1405 version of the battery which was introduced with the 2012/13 system. It is physically the same but it is based on an older chemistry than the newer A1496.

So it will work in your system. But it won’t offer the same amount of run time (maybe ~10 min less).

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A1405 can cause your macbook air more hotter on charging or when use in some apps.

The battery life more short than original.

Use only A1496 for better compatible one.


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