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Released November 2020, the PS5 console features vastly upgraded visuals and an innovative new Dualsense controller. The space-age black-and-white color scheme is a noticeable departure from PlayStation designs of the past.

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I need to repleace a USB 3.0 from the back of the PS5

Where can I find a replacement for the USB 3.0 on the back?

My PS5 suffer a accident during an earthquake an a piece of furniture fell on to the PS4 Hard drive and it snapped the USB Port of the PS5, the port only broke from the inside, mobo and everything is fine…

Where can I find the USB 3.0 replacement part?

I really appreciate the help!

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Unfortunately, if the port is broken, you would need to solder a new USB port onto the motherboard. There really isn’t much luck trying to repair the broken port from the outside.

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Yeah, I have to do that, but I need to find the replacement part, where can I find it? So I can get in to work on change it.

Thanks for your comment


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egamephone have ps5 hdmi ports \USB \TYPE-C parts,check it on google

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