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Repair manuals for printers of many makes and models.

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Can a broken tray that holds the color cartage be repaired?

My friend tried to stuff a black cartage into the color cartage slot and when we took it out a piece broke off. Now it won’t hold a new color cartage. Can the tray and brackets that hold the cartage be replaced?

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What is the make and the model number of the printer?


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Yes, but the issue with printers tends to be parts cost vs. whole brand new unit replacement totals out the machine with printers. In addition to that with these HPs unless you can somehow remove the printhead/cartridge carrier from the track belt, encoder strip and support bars without damage you need to change out the entire mech which usually means you need a donor.

Make your friend replace the printer if you really feel like you need to be “made whole” or can’t buy one yourself, or it gets you closure. Even if you just replaced the mech, you still have original waste ink pads and the rest of it is still original. Consumer grade printers are built to be easily recycled on a disassembly line, not repaired.

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Yes, It is possible. And if you have any issue with the cartridges, you can find more details here.

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I never personally try this.. but as far I know color and black cartage are different mixing this together might not result well..

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