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Touch ID different feel

I changed the iPhone display and moved the touch id from the old display to the new one, but when I press it, it feels different.

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Can you be more descriptive?

If this is the 2016 model iPhone SE, and the home button feels loose, its probably the sticky gasket around the home button. If that’s not your problem could you describe it better than “feels different”??


@takumaa99 iPhone SE (2016) the Touch ID feels loose and sometimes it feels harder under the button.


Okay, I’m not sure why it sometimes feels harder under the button, you possibly could have overtightened the metal bracket for the home button.

The reason the home button feels lose is because the gasket has adhesive in it that adheres to the phone screen, it’s more of a 1 time use thing, and needs to be replaced. You can buy new adhesive if you look up “iPhone SE home button rubber seal”


@takumaa99 Where do I find "Phone SE home button rubber seal" online?


@piero90 yes you just have to buy it anywhere online


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l you will need to use the old screws and the metal plate and the Touch ID connector bracket plate and everything .

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