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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Can the keyboard be replaced with a used or aftermarket part?

I have a late-2019, 16 MacBook Pro W/touch-bar which had stuff spilled into the keyboard.

The laptop works in all respects, but the keyboard is very crunchy and hard to use so I’d like to replace it. I have found a used keyboard: “Apple A2141 MacBook Pro 16" LCD Keyboard/Battery/Fans Case Assembly” and the part includes the fans.

From the iFixit teardown, the process looks pretty straightforward, but they do mention a problem with the TouchID sensor being directly connected to the logic board which they indicated would make repairs problematic. What does this mean and can someone who is capable of repairing any Macs (or PCs) from the early days to 2017-18 without a serious problem, replace this uppercase and keyboard and come away with a working laptop, keyboard and TouchID sensor at the end of it and does anyone have a video or the steps for this procedure?



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Replacing the uppercase is a bit of work as you are stripping down the system and rebuilding it. I recommend you don’t attempt it. Its clearly a more advanced task.

As far as the TouchID you need to be very careful as the ribbon cable is very delicate! If you damage it thats the end! Once you get the logic board out you’ll be able to see the screws which hold it in. The cable has a tricky route and is glued in a few places.

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Dan, thanks!

I do repairs on Macs of all stripes including some board level microsoldering. My question is really, is this doable outside of the normal Apple Technician route? I've repaired iPhones, and all versions of MacBook Pro, but the recent ones do concern me a bit. A 2017 15" MBP is the most recent I've done a logic board or trackpad replacement on. If this 16" esp. the fingerprinter reader is too dicey I might be tempted to hand it off to Apple.

I have been concerned about the T2 chip as to repairability for some models including this one, but that doesn't seem to be as big an issue as previously thought. Do you have any feedback in this area:



Atlanta, GA


@joeldm - What are you looking for? I could write a book or two on the subject ;-}

It's all about which side of the coin you are looking at.

As someone who has personal data on my system which I don't want people to have access to the T2 (or M1) offers some powerful security which protects your data. But, as someone who repairs or wants to repurpose used systems the T2 (or M1) creates repairs harder or the ability to salvage some parts for reuse.

I don't fear it, its the lack of education for both the owner of the system who want to sell it or repair professional on how to work on the system. And lastly, recyclers ability to salvage parts.

The EU and France are on the right track making people more aware on how repairable something is as well as reuse/recycle level.

Apple and the others will need to rethink things which I'm hoping will make things better. Only time will tell!


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