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Is it OK to replace a laptop screen without disconnecting the battery?

This is in regards to Laptops that use the 30/40-pin LVDS connector 14” / 15.6” Screen Panel standard screens.

I have noticed that lots of Acer Laptops feature a power switch hiding under a removable cover under the laptop that is disengaged when the cover is removed. Such as the hard drive bay cover. This would make it safe to replace the screen with the internal battery still installed as power is cut to the laptop’s motherboard.

Then we have Lenovo / HP laptops 14” laptops as well. If it is a touch screen / non-standard laptop screen I always disconnect the batteries to be safe as they tend to be wired differently for the screen.

You may also be familiar with the ASUS Laptop model called F555(L) series. That one features an internal battery and most people would tend to replace the screen without removing / disconnecting the internal battery.

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Hi @benjamen50 ,

It may speed up things but why take the risk? Can you be certain that the power has been disconnected?

Over 54 years ago when I started my apprenticeship, a phrase we learnt when working with electro-mechanical and electronic circuits was to "Power Off first, On last" i.e. disconnect power from the circuit as soon as possible and reconnect it as late as possible, when doing repairs unless you are testing for a problem, so that you don't accidentally make the problem bigger than it already is.

For me it has stood the test of time, as I still use it when doing any repairs that come my way nowadays

Just my $0.02

Also had a couple of questions on the forum in the last few months or so where they somehow managed to blow the backlight fuse during a screen replacement as they hadn't disconnected the battery. Replacing the fuse solved the problem. I don't think that the laptops had a power isolating switch though.

Coincidence maybe but makes you think


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Good point. Whenever possible disconnect the battery from the board. I'll stick to that as there is no good reason to take the risk to keep the battery connected when performing a screen replacement.


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