Confusing issue with overheating

I have been slowing having more and more issues with my optical drive. About a month ago I would get “disc unrecognized about once every three times I put a disc in, starting after I accidentally put a disc in backwards. Since then, it has only gotten worse. I have been consistently been getting “CE-3005-8" since Christmas alongside the words cannot start the app. This was annoying so I finally decided to take my drive apart and replaced everything but the optical drive(this being one of the older systems that doesn't require you to change motherboard and daughterboard) this kinda worked. Now it will recognize the disk and even start it, but it will then crash less than a minute after opening, I tried initializing the system to fix and I am still getting the same issue. Side note, my system, especially on the side of the disc drive gets really hot, top and bottom, but my system is clean, and no where else seems to get hot. What should I do?

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ce-30005-8* not 3005


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