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Suction cup provided from ifixit doesn't give solid suck?

The suction cup device in ifixit set doesn’t adhere to iphone surface very well. Any suggestions?

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If you happened to get a suction cup that’s warped and fails to create a proper seal, you could try warming the suction cup to make it more malleable.

Also, you could try cleaning the surface you’re trying to adhere to with isopropyl as well as the suction cup itself.

If the screen is severely cracked, try taping over the cracks with clear packing tape, as the suction cup will not create a proper seal if the cracks are severe.

Lastly, if all the above doesn’t help, forget the suction cup entirely. Try using a strong adhesive and create a sort of “handle” out of it. This is shown in a picture on iFixit:

Others say to apply glue to the suction cup then apply it to the screen, but I (personally) think it’s a messy, terrible idea; you also ruin your suction cup and the screen if you plan on salvaging it.

PS: As Leslie said, be sure to heat the edges of the screen with either a hot air station, heat gun, hairdryer, or the iOpener in order to help the adhesive loosen.

EDIT: Gotta love it when some imbecile answers with the exact same information as myself — except in lesser detail.

Not surprised; this is 2021, after all.

The year of the moron.

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Try to heat the frame around the screen so the adhesive (water seal gasket) becomes weak, then use suction cup.

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This doesn't directly help him with his suction cup issue.

Many of the suction cups they provide are warped and fail to get a solid vacuum seal.

While heating the adhesive around the screen certainly helps remove the screen more easily (something that he should be doing), it wouldn't help an issue with the suction cup that keeps it from adhering correctly.


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If you have a Screen Protector Remove it then take a microfiber cloth and clean the display.if that didn’t help then add packaging tape over the display that would fix it.

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